Technology Dec 15, 2021 02:16 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 15, Gartner, an international authoritative organization, released the latest report Gartner solution scorecard2021, which comprehensively evaluated the overall capabilities of the world's top cloud manufacturers. Alibaba cloud's IAAs infrastructure capability ranked first in the world and scored the highest scores in the four core evaluations of computing, storage, network and security. This is also the first time that China cloud has surpassed international manufacturers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Gartner solution scorecard 2021 is one of the most authoritative cloud computing evaluation reports in the industry. The evaluation objects include global top cloud manufacturers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, IBM and Oracle. The evaluation dimensions include 9 categories and 270 sub items such as computing, storage, network, security, software infrastructure, stability, operation and digital business infrastructure. In the core product capability assessment, Alibaba cloud scored 96 points for computing, 96 points for storage, 95 points for network and 94 points for security, all of which were the highest scores. The total score of IAAs infrastructure reached 96 (out of 100), surpassing Amazon and ranking first in the world.
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