Automotive Oct 22, 2021 07:53 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
In October 22nd, with the official opening of the super charging station in Shenzhen's Hong Song mansion, Tesla opened a super charging station in Chinese mainland, announces a breakthrough of 1000. Chinese mainland China has opened over 7600 super charging piles in mainland China, collocation 700+ destination charging stations, 1750+ destination charging piles, and just over 1000 super charging stations, Tesla charging network can cover more than 360 city in China. In addition, Tesla seeks a breakthrough in the way of energy generation. At present, it has enabled the integrated optical storage and charging super charging station in Lhasa and Shanghai. The charging station can convert sunlight into electric energy, store energy through Powerwall energy storage equipment, and finally use the stored energy to charge the vehicle. According to Tesla's 11 travel report, Tesla owners have driven more than 170 million kilometers in the seven days of the National Day holiday; The cumulative carbon emission reduction was 10737 tons. In addition, according to statistics, more than 250000 car owners chose to supplement energy for travel in Tesla charging network. During the 11th National Day, the charging capacity increased by 29% compared with normal days.