Automotive Mar 09, 2022 09:17 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on March 9, the new energy vehicle destination charging operator huicharging strategy round has won tens of millions of investment from Haier capital. Previously, it has received investment from well-known institutions such as Songhe capital, Huiyou capital and investment control Donghai. This round of funds will be used to increase the investment in charging infrastructure construction and expand the market share of charging services. Huidian, founded in 2016, is committed to providing car living services for new energy owners, and enters the vision of new energy owners by taking destination charging and operation as the cut-off point. Destination charging and operation scenarios are mainly concentrated in special residential parking lot, work parking lot and public commercial parking lot. At this stage, Huidian focuses on the R & D, construction and operation of integrated hardware and software solutions for destination charging and operation. Mr. Zhang Shu, CEO of Huidian charging, said to the financing: "Destination charging and operation is the foundation for the development of new energy vehicle industry and one of the core industries to achieve the goal of" carbon neutrality "in the national 14th five year plan. With the popularization of new energy vehicles, the construction of destination charging infrastructure is also a livelihood project. At this stage, the number of destination charging infrastructure construction is far from enough to meet the needs of new energy vehicle owners. We need to combine With the power of capital, we will jointly build "smart people's livelihood" charging services for new energy vehicles. The goal of Huidian at this stage is to provide convenient, determined and economical charging services for new energy owners. “