Real Estate Sep 10, 2021 09:37 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
According to the announcement of stone technology, the company plans to purchase from Beijing Zilin Real Estate Co., Ltd. 7# some office buildings, parking spaces and other supporting facilities located in the development project of qiliqu Nanbei village, Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing. The land where the office building is located has obtained the real estate property right certificate of the people's Republic of China No. 0017418 of Jing (2019) Chang real estate property right, According to the certificate, the area of construction land use right is 16367.08 square meters, the construction area of office buildings and other supporting facilities purchased by the company is about 6522.84 square meters, and there are 277 parking spaces. The total appraisal value of the purchased property is RMB 258 million, and the transaction price is determined as RMB 258 million according to the appraisal price.
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