Real Estate Dec 03, 2020 09:47 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The field OTA intelligent community announced that it was equipped with sls2.0, a super "community brain" independently developed by the field group. It is similar to a super brain of the community, calculating, commanding and scheduling each "unit" of the intelligent community to perform its own duties and cooperate with each other. At present, SLS version 2.0 has more powerful technical capability and larger data scale. The architecture of sls2.0 is "1 + 4 + n", i.e. 1 smart cloud, 4 smart midrange and N community intelligent products and services. Among them, four smart midrange platforms are the core, namely intelligent IOT midrange, intelligent data midrange, AI midrange and intelligent application midrange. "Community brain" sls2.0 has five abilities. One is the ability of all things to connect. At present, it covers 9 categories of equipment, such as access control, elevator, monitoring, parking, intelligent robot, etc., and a total of 57 devices are connected. Second, massive community data fusion capability. Communities generate a large amount of Internet of things active data every day, covering travel, health, consumption, social networking and other community scenes. The behavior of these scenes will be legally and legally digitized and stored in the community data lake. Third, multimodal visual intelligence. Under the complex conditions of strong light, weak light, long distance and high angle, the accuracy of face recognition technology has reached more than 98%. Fourth, the ability of outdoor speech recognition is the only commercial solution in the industry. Fifth, cross scene global intelligence. From the traditional device - centric to human - centric, cross - space data access