BioGeo Completes Pre-A Round Financing to Develop Generative AI Protein Design Platform

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jun 19, 2024 04:56 PM (GMT+8)

BioGeometric Geometry has completed a new round of funding led by Jiangmen Ventures, with funds aimed at accelerating the application of generative AI models in biomanufacturing and product development. Founded in 2021, the company focuses on generative AI for protein design, introducing the GeoFlow model, and has partnered with multiple pharmaceutical companies.


EqualOcean reports that BioGeo has completed a new round of financing, led by Jiangmen Ventures, with participation from Zhipu AI, Shengjing Jiacheng, and continued investment from existing shareholder Gaorong Capital. The raised funds will primarily be used to accelerate the application of generative AI models in the biomanufacturing field and to advance the development of its proprietary products.

Founded in 2021, BioGeo focuses on developing a generative AI protein design platform to empower the biomanufacturing sector, as previously reported by 36Kr. The company has accumulated considerable technical expertise in generative AI technologies such as diffusion models and flow matching.

Initially, diffusion generative models were mainly used for image generation. However, as early as 2021, the BioGeo team began applying diffusion models to generate three-dimensional molecular structures. Leveraging its early technical accumulation, BioGeo has released the generative AI protein design model GeoFlow, which can be used for both antigen-antibody complex structure prediction and antibody design.

Unlike the existing Transformer architecture, GeoFlow employs a geometric deep learning foundation model, which better models atom-to-atom relationships in three-dimensional space. For the generative model, GeoFlow utilizes the latest flow matching model, which is more efficient and robust in training and inference compared to diffusion generative models. In antigen-antibody complex structure prediction tasks, GeoFlow has achieved performance levels close to those of AlphaFold 3.

Moreover, based on its proprietary generative AI model, BioGeo has developed the GeoBiologics one-stop protein design platform, which has already reached licensing agreements with several domestic and international pharmaceutical companies.

BioGeo's partners currently include companies such as Alibaba Cloud, Triastek, Bioyong, and Xiangyao Bio, collaboratively promoting the application of generative AI in the biomanufacturing field. For instance, in early June this year, BioGeo entered into a collaboration agreement with high-end protein raw material producer Yinjia Bio. This partnership aims to develop more innovative and scarce high-end protein raw materials and related derivative products by leveraging BioGeo's AI technology and Yinjia Bio's expertise in the development of complex and diverse protein processes and large-scale production.