Analog semiconductor chip designer "Aukco Optoelectronics" completed financing

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News Editor: Leci Zhang Jun 18, 2024 05:46 PM (GMT+8)

Aukco Optoelectronics, founded in 2016, is a company specializing in high-speed analog chips and optoelectronic integrated products. It has completed its Series B financing, raising several hundred million RMB in total. The company's products have made significant progress in breaking Western monopolies and meeting domestic high-end market demands.


EqualOcean reports that the analog semiconductor chip design company "Aukco Optoelectronics" has completed its Series B financing, bringing its total funding to several hundred million RMB since its establishment. The company is recognized as a "specialized and sophisticated" enterprise and a "high-tech enterprise." The Series B investors include SDIC Venture Capital, China Electronics Huada, Huaxu Fund, and Zhuhai High-Tech Venture Capital.

Founded in June 2016 in Shenzhen, Aukco Optoelectronics focuses on the design of high-speed analog electronic chips, silicon photonics chips, and optoelectronic integrated products. Their main products include drivers, transimpedance amplifiers (TIA), clock and data recovery circuits (CDR), silicon photonics, and thin-film lithium niobate (TFLN) chips, covering high-speed optical interconnect communication chip products ranging from 10Gbps to 1.6T.

Historically, the high-end optical module market in China has been dominated by European and American companies, with a domestic market share of only 4% for optical chips with speeds of 25G and above. There has been a strong demand for domestic alternatives in the high-end market. However, with the rapid growth in demand for AI computing networks, optical modules and their associated chips, as core components of AI computing power, play a critical role in driving industry progress.

At its inception, Aukco Optoelectronics entered the market by developing high-speed coherent electrical chips for telecommunications. It primarily provides different high-speed electrical chips for data centers and telecommunications markets and offers high-end solutions for applications such as metropolitan area networks, backbone networks, core networks transmission, and fiber-to-the-home optical modules.

According to Aukco Optoelectronics' CEO, Shang Songquan, in the data communication market, Aukco Optoelectronics has achieved mass delivery of short-distance data center 25G SR/100G SR4 transceiver chips, breaking the long-term monopoly held by overseas manufacturers in the optical interconnect field, and becoming a domestically controlled alternative. Their products have been shipped in bulk to system equipment manufacturers and internet data center customers.

Additionally, the company's PAM4 56G baud electrical chips for single-mode 100G/400G applications have also been mass-produced and exported. Two years ago, Aukco Optoelectronics began collaborating with the world's largest equipment manufacturers to develop single-wave 200G products, providing mass production samples to leading equipment and module manufacturers.