Huabao Has Entered the "Silicon Valley" in Jakarta.

Consumer Staples Author: EqualOcean News, ChenZhiheng Jun 14, 2024 09:00 AM (GMT+8)

Since the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia, China has adhered to the principle of common business, common construction, and common sharing to promote common development, and has become an important model of international cooperation in building the "Belt and Road". As a leading domestic flavor and food ingredients enterprise, Huabao actively promotes the internationalization of the industrial layout, since May 2023, Ms. Yuan Xiaoqin, the director and president of the company, led the team to visit the Indonesian market for the first time. A year ago, under the joint efforts of the overseas team and the headquarters of Huabao, Huabao's business expansion in Southeast Asia formally stepped into the stage of systematization and standardized operation.

After the close preparation and joint efforts of both Chinese and Indonesian teams, the new office building of Huabao Food Technology Indonesia was officially inaugurated and put into use, which opened a new chapter of Huabao's overseas food business development. Ms. Yuan Xiaoqin, Director and President of Huabao Company, and members of the team of Indonesia Huabao Food Technology attended the opening ceremony and started a new journey together with the Indonesian team.

Ms. Yuan said in her speech that the official opening of the new office building is another solid step taken by Huabao on the road of internationalization, marking the important layout and new starting point of the company in the Southeast Asia market, and is also an important initiative for the company to respond to the national "Belt and Road" initiative and actively participate in the development of the global economy. Huabao will continue to adhere to customer-centered, continuous innovation, and excellence, and provide customers with better quality products and services.

The new office building of Indonesia Huabao Food Technology is located in the BSD business district, which is known as the "Silicon Valley" of Jakarta. Its function is positioned as an Indonesia market expansion center, localized product R&D center and localized technology service center. There are three major functional areas in the building, namely, the exhibition area, office area, R&D and application lab. Huabao will not only be able to better serve the Indonesian market, but also be able to introduce more natural raw materials by taking advantage of Indonesia's location, and through Huabao's internationalized R&D system and leading technological innovation capability, bring more innovative solutions to local and global customers, and also contribute to the promotion of economic and cultural exchanges between China and Indonesia.

The inauguration ceremony of the new office building coincided with the hot sale of Tomoro Coffee and Garfield IP co-branded products. During the ceremony, everyone tasted the Butter Cookie flavored latte coffee, a breakout product jointly created with Tomoro Coffee. From the first order in February this year to the first explosive end product hot sales in May, from the humble temporary office to the official opening of the office building, the ceremony reviewed the hardship of the start of the Indonesian market and today's harvest, the team knows that only by going out, we can better participate in the global competition, and can inject new vitality for the sustainable development of the company.

The official location of Indonesia Huabao Food Technology in Jakarta BSD marks the firm determination of Huabao's internationalization strategy and will surely bring more new opportunities for the company's development in the Indonesian market. In the future, Huabao will uphold the strategic mission of "Green, Nutritious and Healthy", build the raw material system of Southeast Asian food ingredients and flavors with Indonesia as the center, integrate and build a localized supply chain, provide end-to-end total solutions for more domestic food and beverage enterprises to go to the sea, and bring more systematization for global customers, customized products and more innovative solutions for global customers, and will also bring more high-quality products and services to the local market. At the same time, Huabao will gradually introduce ESG development strategy and lean production and other management concepts into the Indonesian team to ensure the company's healthy and sustainable development on the road of internationalization strategy, so as to achieve greater leaps forward.