Lianku Completes CNY Multi-Million Pre-A Round Financing

Technology Author: Notrice May 24, 2024 06:30 PM (GMT+8)

Lianku (, a comprehensive service platform for the cold chain industry internet ecosystem, has completed a CNY multi-million Pre-A round of financing. This round was solely invested by Oriental Venture Capital Investment(东方创投), with Maximum Capital(极值资本) serving as the financial advisor and WeBank(微众银行) providing digital venture services support.


Established in 2018 and endorsed by the CCLC(中物联冷链委), Lianku is an IoT and big data service platform for the cold storage sector, recognized and widely accepted by the industry. Lianku boasts a substantial database of cold storage information, containing over 16,000 entries. The platform has accumulated over 13,300 registered users, with a daily active user base of approximately 750+, spanning across 31 provinces and 327 cities in China. Users can easily and accurately find cold storage through Lianku.

Leveraging the strong industry resources of the CFLP CCC, Lianku focuses on the cold storage sector, serving a wide range of clients including cold chain warehousing companies, cold chain food enterprises, and companies related to cold chain equipment and technology. Cold storage demand clients include fresh e-commerce, community group buying, supermarket chains, and food manufacturers, while cold storage suppliers include transactional cold storages, large cold chain parks, urban distribution cold storages, regional distribution cold storages, production cold storages, and origin cold storages.

By establishing an "IoT + Big Data" supply and demand docking platform, Lianku aims to create an ecosystem that integrates national cold storage resource service docking, cold storage transaction services, cold storage certification, cold storage equipment financing and leasing, cold storage planning and design consulting, cold storage engineering equipment procurement, cold storage safety and energy monitoring, cold storage operation and maintenance services, matchmaking transactions, data services, brand promotion, and cold chain market analysis reports.

Since completing its first CNY 50 million round of financing at the end of 2022, Lianku has accelerated its national layout and technological upgrades, continuously expanding its service scale and business types. The company actively engages in discussions with various industry parties, exploring how the internet can empower the industry's upgrade and development.

As of April 2024, Lianku has over 21,000 cold storage data entries, covering 31 provinces and 394 cities in China, encompassing 91.7% of the country's cold storage resources. The platform has over 260,000 registered users, with more than 3,000 daily active users, and has matched over 290,000 supply and demand information entries, facilitating the storage of over 350,000 tons of frozen products, with a total value of CNY 12 billion.

As an industrial internet ecosystem service platform deeply rooted in the cold chain industry, Lianku empowers the industry through digital technology and the internet, consistently staying close to market business scenarios and client needs. The company has invested CNY multiple millions in platform upgrades and product development, with over 90 iterations of platform updates.

Leveraging its platform resources and data advantages, Lianku continues to expand its ecosystem service scope, offering comprehensive services including cold storage asset lifecycle management consulting, full digital upgrade solutions for cold chain parks and cold chain supply chain management, frozen product supply chain management, and a nationwide cold chain "cloud warehouse" and integrated warehousing and distribution service network.