Big Vision Medical Secures Financing of USD 30 Million in the Ophthalmology Field

Healthcare Author: EqualOcean News, Jiahui Liao Editor: Jiaqi Li May 13, 2024 03:03 PM (GMT+8)

Big Vision Medical Accelerates Innovation and Global Expansion in Ophthalmology.


EqualOcean has learned that on May 13th, Big Vision Medical successfully completed a financing round of USD 30 million, with investments from Suzhou Xinsu Emerging Industry Investment, Xuzhou High-tech Entrepreneurship Development, and Kunshan High-tech Entrepreneurship Investment. This investment will infuse new vitality and momentum into Big Vision Medical, further propelling the company's development and innovation in the field of ophthalmology.

Established in 2015, Big Vision Medical is committed to the research and development, production, and sales of artificial intelligence hardware and software systems for ophthalmology. The company transforms advanced AI technology into a new source of productive force, deeply integrating it with the national eye health cause, bringing innovation and transformation to clinical ophthalmology practices. Big Vision Medical not only possesses strong technical strength and innovation capabilities but also adheres to a user-oriented approach, providing users with scientific and efficient system solutions.

In December 2018, Big Vision Medical took the lead in launching the dual-modality ophthalmic imaging AI analysis system MIAS 2000. The development and certification of the ophthalmic OCT imaging auxiliary diagnostic system MIAS 3000 were initiated, and in August 2022, it was successfully selected as one of the units on the list of leaders in the innovation mission of artificial intelligence medical devices by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. MIAS 3000 has now completed clinical verification, with excellent technical indicators, and is expected to become the world's first Class III medical device registration certificate approved ophthalmic OCT imaging auxiliary diagnostic system by next June.

In August 2020, the industry's first fully automatic artificial intelligence OCT, the BV1000 developed by Big Vision Medical, was launched. It has provided an effective product and technical solution to alleviate the severe shortage of ophthalmic medical resources in China. It has been applied in more than 400 medical institutions, providing AI analysis services for over 150,000 people, and accumulating more than 5.5 million OCT imaging slices on the eye health big data platform.

To date, Big Vision Medical has established 18 ophthalmology AI innovation research centers (bases) nationwide. Each data transmission on the eye health big data platform generates a beam of bright light, which contains the hope of guarding the bright vision of every patient.

In 2024, Big Vision Medical successfully reached a scientific research cooperation with the team of Academician Gu Ning from Nanjing University on ocular vascular information and health engineering. Together, they explore the relationship between changes in ocular blood vessels and overall health, as well as significant basic scientific issues and urgent clinical problems related to vascular diseases, providing more accurate and effective technical solutions for the treatment and prevention of ophthalmic diseases and systemic chronic diseases.

Liu, the head of Xuzhou High-tech Entrepreneurship Development, one of the investors in Big Vision Medical, said that the team of Big Vision Medical is full of dreams and passion, facing every challenge with a spirit of practical work, possessing excellent professional ability and team collaboration ability. He believes that under the company's mission of "discovering every pair of problematic eyes as early as possible and providing the best treatment plan," there will be continuous innovation and breakthroughs in the future.

Tang Chen, the head of Kunshan High-tech Entrepreneurship Investment, another investor in Big Vision Medical, highly praised the company's technical strength. He stated that Big Vision Medical has a rich accumulation of technology in the field of ophthalmic AI, and its products are leading in all aspects of the industry. He believes that the company will create more value in the field of ophthalmic medicine in the future.