Energy China's Subsidiary Gezhouba Group Signs Contracts for Two Solar Projects in Mexico

Author: Notrice May 08, 2024 02:51 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that on April 29th local time, Energy China(中国能建)'s subsidiary, Gezhouba Group(葛洲坝集团), signed EPC contract agreements for two solar power plant projects with Mexico's Complex Energy Company in Puebla, Mexico. This marks another significant achievement for Gezhouba Group in deepening its presence in the Mexican market.


The two photovoltaic projects covered in this contract are located in Tepeyahualco, Puebla, in central Mexico. Once completed, they will effectively meet the local electricity demand, further reducing Mexico's reliance on fossil fuels. This injection of green power will contribute to achieving low-carbon and sustainable development goals, thereby promoting local economic and social development.

Gezhouba Group, renowned for its excellence in the construction engineering field, has gradually formed outstanding advantages in infrastructure construction through long-term development. With the saturation of the engineering contracting market, adapting to changing circumstances and striving for transformation and upgrading has become a significant choice for the Group. The demand for capital in overseas markets and the guidance of relevant policies in various countries have created favorable conditions for its entry into the global infrastructure investment market. In December 2015, the Group proposed to intensify the layout of overseas investment markets, increase overseas investment efforts, and deploy comprehensive advancement of overseas investment business development, as well as the establishment of specialized overseas investment companies.

Furthermore, leveraging its profound expertise in the field of new energy, Gezhouba Group underwent strategic repositioning in 2018 to comprehensively lay out new energy globally. It is committed to providing comprehensive new energy solutions for developing countries, striving to improve the accessibility and popularization of energy in these regions, and facilitating the direct entry of developing countries into the era of new energy. Currently, Gezhouba Group has grown into a world-class clean energy contractor, investor, and trader.

EqualOcean has learned that Gezhouba Group's international operations are steadily developing, forming a market layout primarily in Asia and Africa, radiating to the Americas, Central and Eastern Europe, and Oceania. Currently, Gezhouba Group's overseas projects span regions including Asia, Europe, and Africa, entering countries such as Pakistan, Myanmar, Argentina, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Saudi Arabia.