Cellatopia Secures Nearly CNY Ten Mn in Seed Funding

Healthcare Author: Notrice Apr 18, 2024 01:25 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that Cellatopia(喜同生物), a biotechnology company based in Suzhou, recently announced the successful securing of nearly CNY ten million in seed funding. The funding was primarily led by Suzhou Shishangbai Venture Capital(苏州石上柏创业合伙企业) and followed by institutions such as Suzhou Nuowei Venture Investment Limited(苏州诺为创业投资有限公司).


Established in July 2023, Cellatopia is headquartered in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, focusing on the development of innovative biopharmaceutical tools to address the challenges of low repeatability and reliability in the current biopharmaceutical R&D sector, as well as the technical difficulties in connecting research results with industrialization.

Cellatopia's research and development focus lies in optimizing highly uncertain processes such as cell culture and processing, aiming to meet the demands of multi-scenario parallel applications and standardized operations, while also considering supply chain and cost optimization. This is intended to promote the wider application of precise control of cell culture and processing systems in research laboratories and clinical application terminals.

In terms of system design, Cellatopia has adopted new insights from life sciences to redesign and develop each operational step, rather than using common integrated solutions.

China is one of the largest markets in the global biopharmaceutical industry. According to a report released by the China Industry Research Institute, the Chinese biopharmaceutical market reached CNY 534.7 billion in 2023. Currently, leading domestic biopharmaceutical companies include China National Pharmaceutical Group(国药集团), Fosun Pharma(复星医药), Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Holdings(广药集团), China Resources Pharmaceuticals(华润医药), Qilu Pharmaceutical(齐鲁制药), Shanghai Pharmaceuticals(上海医药), CSPC Pharmaceutical Group(石药集团), Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group(修正药业), China Grand Pharmaceutical and Yangtze River Pharmaceutical (扬子江药业), among others.

Currently, Cellatopia has completed the technical feasibility verification of its products. The seed funding will be used to support the development of prototypes. Additionally, the company's research and development team has achieved a series of significant research results and plans to complete the development of prototype products and market new products within the year.