Li Auto's All-Electric Car MEGA Begins Deliveries

Automotive Author: EqualOcean News, Xiaoran Zhang Mar 12, 2024 02:19 PM (GMT+8)

In 2024, Li Auto plans to launch multiple products for delivery, aspiring to claim the top spot in sales charts.

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Recently, Li Auto's official public account announced the beginning of deliveries for the Li Auto MEGA. The company also revealed its commitment to providing free maintenance for all MEGA owners within 5 years or 100,000 kilometers, even in the case of second-hand transactions.

The Li Auto MEGA boasts a spacious internal space with a length of 3791mm, featuring a well-allocated three-row seating arrangement to ensure ample leg and headroom for passengers. In terms of intelligent driving hardware, the MEGA utilizes two NVIDIA Drive Orin chips, coupled with BEV large models and Occupancy networks, enhancing perception capabilities for complex road conditions. 

Addressing consumer concerns about electric vehicle range, the MEGA supports 5C supercharging through its 800V high-voltage platform and is equipped with a Kirin 5C battery pack, providing a range of 710 kilometers under CLTC conditions. Additionally, Li Auto MEGA offers a 20 kW DC charging pile for optional installation, covering a wide range of daily recharging scenarios for electric vehicle users. According to public data, Li Auto has already established over 300 supercharging stations and plans to build over 5000 direct-operated 5C charging stations in the future, covering 95% of the national highways and important roads. Apart from the MEGA, Li Auto's L series was officially launched this spring, with all models priced above 300,000 yuan.

On February 26th, Li Auto released its 2023 annual financial report, revealing a revenue of 123.85 billion yuan, marking a 173.5% increase compared to 2022's 45.29 billion yuan. Vehicle sales contributed 120.29 billion yuan to Li Auto's revenue, up 172.7% from 2022's 44.11 billion yuan. Among Li Auto's product series, the MEGA targets the high-end MPV market, priced at 559,800 yuan, significantly higher than most competitors in the new energy vehicle segment. Even in the context of other series, such as the discontinued Li Auto ONE, the starting price reached the range of 340,000 yuan. Despite the trend among major car manufacturers to "lower price for volume," Li Auto, adhering to a "no price reduction" strategy, delivered an impressive performance of 376,000 units in 2023, becoming the first domestic new energy vehicle company to join the billion-yuan revenue club.

In 2024, Li Auto aims to achieve a delivery target of 800,000 vehicles for the year and boldly declares its goal to become the top-selling luxury car brand in the Chinese market. In the face of the escalating "price war" in the automotive market, Li Auto, having achieved profitability, must now withstand competition and present another "ideal" performance,  which is set to be observed closely by many industry participants.