Winall Hi-Tech releases ESG report

Technology Author: Yuehan Li Editor: Chendi Dec 06, 2023 03:31 PM (GMT+8)

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Winall Hi-Tech(300087:SZ), a leading Chinese seed company, recently issued its inaugural 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report, highlighting the company's collaborative efforts and achievements in various ESG aspects. The company, focused on seed production and agricultural services, emphasizes innovative agricultural development.

In 2022, Winall Hi-Tech witnessed substantial growth, achieving record-breaking exports and overseas sales of crop seeds, totaling 8.3365 million kilograms, marking a 17.9% increase from the previous year. The company's seed products have gained significant market dominance in countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Angola, and others, benefiting local farmers economically.

 Driven by market demands, Winall Hi-Tech collaborates with industry partners to promote a 'grain-seed integration' model, supplying high-quality agricultural raw materials and fostering a robust agricultural ecosystem. The company actively supported grain production, achieving seed sales exceeding 150 million kilograms, covering 70 million acres, and producing 80 billion catties of high-quality grain seed. Through initiatives like the 'Winall Seed Industry Promotion Award' and 'Winall Innovation Talent Scholarship,' the company fosters talents within the seed industry.

Winall Hi-Tech emphasizes a 'technology-first' approach and has employed a novel variety development model, working independently and in collaboration with research institutions. By 2022, the company had 244 researchers, securing two approved invention patents and 32 plant variety rights. 

The company's focus on hybrid rice technology led to the development of the 'Quan 9311A,' enhancing hybrid rice breeding practices. Winall Hi-Tech pioneers in molecular marker-assisted breeding technology, developing parent materials resistant to various pests and diseases.

Furthermore, Winall Hi-Tech actively promotes green initiatives by developing 'straw dual-use' brittle stem rice, minimizing the environmental impact of straw burning. Collaborating with scientific institutions, the company produced 'KeCuiJing 1,' a rice variety that shortens straw degradation time and supports ecological straw return.

The establishment of the 'Anhui Zhanghaiyin Seed Industry Foundation' reflects Winall Hi-Tech's commitment to public welfare. Through 'love seed delivery' events since 2018, the company has supported numerous households and established a sustainable model for precise agriculture assistance."