Manufacturing Large Model Vendor Apilus Nets More than 100 Mn in A+ Round

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Sep 25, 2023 05:54 PM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that Apulis (Chinese: 博瀚智能), a manufacturing AI large model vendor, has recently completed nearly CNY 100 million A+ round of financing.

Digital economy

Founded in 2019, Apulis focuses on AI end-to-end big model base platform, providing machine learning and deep learning products and solutions for intelligent manufacturing, autonomous driving and other scenarios. Apulis released the world's first heterogeneous AI platform supporting Huawei's Rise NPUs and NVIDIA's GPUs, and put it into commercial use in 2020; the compound annual growth rate of revenue since 2021 has been More than 200% compound annual growth rate of revenue since 2021.

In the process of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, relevant enterprises have the need to process and analyze data but also face the difficulties of data dispersion, high labor costs, and high customization requirements. In this regard, Apulis chooses to build its own primary platform and adopts a modular processing approach to provide enterprise customers with a closed-loop process of AI construction, such as data storage, preprocessing, annotation, training and optimization.

With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application scenarios, AI big models will play a greater role in the manufacturing industry. From smart manufacturing to smart factories, from automated production lines to autonomous decision optimization, AI big models are bringing revolutionary changes to the manufacturing industry. In the future, the manufacturing industry will rely more on AI big models' intelligent and adaptive capabilities to realize a more efficient, accurate, and sustainable production model.

Facing different industrial quality inspection scenarios, the adaptive quality inspection solution can significantly shorten the landing time and reduce costs, meet the flexible production needs of enterprises, and realize autonomous operation and maintenance management after the AI quality inspection is online. At present, this solution has been implemented in a number of head enterprises at home and abroad, covering more than 200 production lines of computers, 5G, terminals and other products.

In addition, Apulis is also expanding its business in automated driving, supercomputing centers and medical care, cooperating with first-tier OEMs, large centralized state-owned enterprises, and telecom operators to provide end-to-end platform tool products. Specifically in big model landing, Apulis, based on the self-developed BOSI big model platform, jointly provides industry customers with big model data processing, model fine-tuning, optimization, compression, deployment and other solutions and services to support specific scenarios of big model landing operation.

This round of financing was led by GPRO Investment (Chinese: 金浦投资) and CITIC Capital (Chinese: 中信资本), followed by Rongyu Venture Capital (Chinese: 融煜创投) and Z&Y Capital (Chinese: 卓源资本). The funds will be used for the practical application of large-scale models, intelligent manufacturing and other areas of business development and market expansion.