Industrial Robotics Company Turin Robotics Completed nearly 100 Mn in Series A

Industrials, Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Jun 08, 2023 11:33 AM (GMT+8)

Industrial robotics company Turin Robotics (Chinese: 图灵机器人) has completed nearly RMB 100 million in Series A financing.


Founded in 2007, headquartered in Shanghai. Turin Robotics is mainly engaged in developing and applying intelligent industrial robot products, etc. In 2016, the company acquired R.R. ROBOTICA, a veteran Italian robotics R&D company founded in 1978, with 45 years of experience in industrial robot design, manufacturing and service. 2019, Turin Robotics has developed robot products without reduction models. Turin Robotics has high-volume applications in 3C electronics, new energy photovoltaic, lithium-ion, energy storage, engineering machinery auto parts, metal processing parts industry, LCD panel industry, and light industries such as the garment and food industry.

Data show that in 2022, China's robots domestic industrial robot holdings of 1.357 million units, mainly for multi-joint robots and SCARA robots, accounted for about 60%, and 40% respectively. In the market pattern, the total foreign brands still account for a high proportion, about 70%. 2020, the industrial robot density is only 246 units / 10,000, which means that the industrial robot market has vast growth space in the future, the domestic industrial robot market growth rate of about 30% per year, and the market opportunities for domestic brands are many.

Chen Dong, founder and CEO of Turin Robotics, introduced that Turin Robotics has one of the most complete product lines among domestic industrial robot companies. In terms of technology, Turin Robotics has a complete, self-researched robot control system, with more than 20,000 robots used based on bus controllers, and the stability and reliability have been verified by high-volume industrial grade; the products inherit 45 years of R&D industrial robot manufacturing experience and process technology from its Italian subsidiary; they can be developed and optimized We are able to develop and optimize our products according to process scenarios and customer needs, and provide one-stop supply solutions for various factory manufacturing scenarios.

The industrial robot market is promising, and domestic brands are still in the development stage, including Siasun(Chinese: 新松), Estun(Chinese: 埃斯顿), Step(Chinese: 新时达) are leading the market share in the domestic industrial robot field; foreign brands still occupy most of the market, such as Fanuc(Chinese: 发那科), Yaskawa(Chinese: 安川), Yamaha(Chinese: 雅马哈) from Japan.

This round of financing was led by SHCCIP(Chinese: 陕煤集团), followed by old shareholders Shanghai Dajun Capital(Chinese: 上海大钧资本) and Hainan Jirunjia(Chinese: 海南集润嘉). This round of funding will mainly be used for technology development and product iteration.