Wisson Tech Releases Draco MH3000 Flexible Composite Robot

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang May 26, 2023 11:14 PM (GMT+8)

Wisson Tech(Chinese: 万勋科技), a provider of interactive service robotics solutions, recently announced the Draco MH3000 flexible composite robot, based on its proprietary flexible robotics technology (Pliabot).


Pliabot technology enables composite robots to improve workability and safety

Draco MH3000 series, with its own flexible arm as the core, together with SlimDrive high-precision micro-airflow drive control and SlimEngine flexible core control algorithm, and its own navigation chassis, sensor system, vision recognition and guidance system, liftable waist, interchangeable work actuator and other subsystem modules, is a complete technology stack. The subsystem modules are connected to the whole technology stack, and the flexible technology enables the composite robot to complete a new evolution for service scenarios.

 Large workspace: 4 times the volume space of manual work

Draco MH3000 has undergone advanced innovation and optimization in product configuration, which not only ensures structural and lifting stability but also maximizes workspace and capacity. Its equipped Nimbo flexible arm can better carry out normal operations such as forward probing, bending, picking and gripping in high and narrow spaces, which can ensure a wide range of three-dimensional space, no dead angle and dynamic operation capacity, and effective takeover and implement existing manual operations.

 Multiple operations without scene change: adapt to multi-angle, multi-species and multi-demand environments

 Draco MH3000 is equipped with interchangeable flexible arms and end tools to meet the needs of different scenarios. At the same time, the body and the end of Draco MH3000 are also open to customized installation interface, which can replace other types of arms and end-effectors according to the needs of scenes, types of operations and task objectives, realizing multi-functional machine.

 Realize all-round job site perception by adapting to the five human senses

Draco MH3000 can be equipped with various sensing systems, and the type of sensor can be changed according to the task target and object. Through interchangeable sensor options, it not only achieves the establishment of a human-like sensing system but also achieves the increment of the original collection, summarization, intelligent processing and visual presentation on this basis.

 Disruptive safety collision guarantee, no injury to people and equipment in case of accidents.

 Safety is the core indicator of the service robot, Draco MH3000 effectively combines human-machine safety interaction, self-adaptation and equipment safety interaction operations to form a system safety barrier.

 Intelligent fully autonomous operation + 0 thresholds human-machine control, flexible adaptation to different scenarios and work processes.

 Draco MH3000 is equipped with three types of operation methods: fully autonomous operation, human-machine cooperation, and remote control operation. It can realize the flexible change of operational tasks and carry out time-sharing, segmentation and sub-target joint operation, which is convenient for multi-task and multi-scene implementation.

 Seamlessly take over the existing manual operations to achieve digital, intelligent and programmed operation management.

 Based on the self-investigated client, it can realize functions such as high-precision map construction, rapid deployment, flexible change of operation task list, etc. The system is more flexible and agile, seamlessly taking over existing manual operations and avoiding potential risks of manual processes.

 As the world's first composite robot based on the principle and development logic of flexible robotics (Pliabot ®), Draco MH3000 aims to free manual labor from complex, high-risk and heavy work and hand it over to robots, while shifting manpower to decision-making, supervisory and operational tasks.

 With the release of DracoDraco MH3000, Wisson Tech now covers flexible robotics technology to include chassis, mobile chassis, UAS, etc. The DracoDraco MH3000 series products are now entirely online and open for ground implementation and flexible technology transformation in various fields. Detailed product information, demonstration appointment, and purchase service are available through Wisson Tech's official website.