Intelligent Autonomous Driving Company Risenlighten Nets 10 Mn in Angel Round

Automotive, Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 28, 2023 09:40 AM (GMT+8)

Beijing Risenlighten Technology Co, Ltd (Chinese: 昇启科技), an intelligent simulation industrial software company founded in 2022, has reportedly announced the completion of a 10 million angel round of financing.


Risenlighten Technology is a startup engaged in high-level autonomous driving simulation industrial software, mainly focusing on the deep integration of AI algorithms with application scenarios. Specifically, Risenlighten full-stack self-inquiry algorithms based on deep reinforcement learning and its complete large-scale model development toolchain, and with its empowerment of autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, industrial control and other industrial scenarios.

As the focus of the automotive industry value chain shifts to both ends, autonomous driving software, simulation and testing software, travel services, high-precision maps and aftermarket are the most profitable parts of the entire industry chain. According to technology consultancy ICV TAnK, the autonomous driving simulation market size is in the midst of explosive growth, growing from $500 million in 2020 to $20 billion in 2025, with a 5-year CAGR of 109%.

Risenlighten primarily targets the technical bottlenecks of autonomous driving in the R&D segment. The industry as a whole, especially when it comes to high-level autonomous driving, has encountered R&D bottlenecks that make it difficult to implement driver assistance functions for complex scenarios.

According to Dr. Sun Qi, founder and CEO of Risenlighten Technology, "Risenlighten wants to provide a new way of thinking to solve this problem and bring a new AI approach to the whole industry in the R&D route through our industrial software products, which is the opportunity for Risenlighten to be established. Risenlighten sees two major trends in AI technology in the R&D system of high-level autonomous driving: first, the penetration rate of AI will become higher and higher; second, the proportion of simulation in mileage accumulation will become higher and higher".

In the AI autonomous driving development tool chain developed by Risenlighten Technology, the AI system trains the driving strategy of NPC vehicles through reinforcement learning, realizing anthropomorphic autonomous learning and autonomous evolution; the AI intelligent traffic flow model running on the basis of simulation can reflect the dynamic changes of the environment and complex game relationships at the micro level, with higher behavioral randomness.

It is worth mentioning that Risenlighten has three heavyweight expert professors in the field of intelligent connected vehicles from Tsinghua University as the company's scientific advisors. The core team members have more than ten years of self-driving car R&D experience, graduated from Stanford, Tsinghua, Beihang, Zhejiang University, France Central Institute of Technology and other famous universities at home and abroad, from Baidu, Tencent, Drip, Microsoft and other famous leading enterprises.

Risenlighten Technology's current round of financing is jointly invested by TusStar Beijing Investment(Chinese: 启迪之星创投), MiraclePlus(Chinese: 奇绩创坛) and C&I Investment(Chinese: 常见投资), and the funds will mainly be used for product development and company operations.