New Research: Game Has Become an Important Driver of AI Innovation Development

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Apr 28, 2023 09:15 AM (GMT+8)

On April 25, the Virtual Economy and Data Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Key Laboratory of Big Data Mining and Knowledge Management of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly held "Exploring the Road of AI Innovation - Report on the Innovation and Development of Game Technology and Artificial Intelligence" publication and seminar in Beijing.

Cloud games

Artificial intelligence is one of the most far-reaching technological fields that will have the most profound impact on human society in the 21st century. According to the report, scientific research, game technology and industrial demand are the important factors driving the breakthrough development of AI. "Game technology is born in the game industry and developed along with the development of the game industry to support the needs of human leisure and entertainment, developing intelligence, exercising thinking and reaction ability, training skills, cultivating the sense of rules, and participating in scientific exploration, based on computer, Internet and digital technology to build a comprehensive ecology of human game-related theory, technology, ethics and culture, The report is the first to systematically analyze the theoretical, technological, ethical and cultural ecology of human games.

For the first time, the report systematically analyzes the roots, history and future trends of game technology-driven artificial intelligence innovation and development. According to the calculation of the cooperation team of the research group, for every 1% increase in the scale of the game industry, the combined operating income of AI-listed companies increased by about RMB 142 million on average. In the future, the pulling scale of the game industry for the AI industry will continue to increase and is expected to increase from RMB 31.576 billion in 2023 to RMB 103.81 billion in 2030, with an average annual growth rate of about 16%.

Science and games have a close relationship, and in the birth and development of science, many scientists have revealed the secrets and truths of nature precisely in the process of treating science as an advanced game.

"Artificial intelligence is essentially a simulation of human thought patterns to carry out technological innovation, and game technology provides a 'low-cost' scenario for artificial intelligence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method." Tan Ying, director of Peking University's Computational Intelligence Laboratory and professor, believes.

From the perspective of basic theoretical research, game technology will make breakthroughs in three dimensions: game innovation, visualization innovation, and interactive innovation, so that the game will develop in the direction of more intelligence, more vivid, and more friendly. These three dimensions involve the key aspects of game strategy rule optimization, visualization effect presentation and friendly interaction, respectively, and the solution of key scientific problems involved in each dimension must resort to breakthrough innovation in basic AI theory research, which in turn pulls the development of basic AI research.

It is widely believed in the industry that the next AI milestone may be born in complex strategy games. In the future, when AI learns to perceive, understand, reason, make decisions, act, and interact in real-time like humans, it may play a greater role in variable and complex real-world environments, and general AI may be quietly realized in the process of continuous iteration of AI and games.