Neusoft Reach at Auto Shanghai 2023

Automotive Author: Qinqie He Apr 27, 2023 11:55 AM (GMT+8)

Neusoft Reach (Chinese: 东软睿驰)is making a strong showing at Auto Shanghai 2023 with its full automotive product portfolio.


Taking center stage are the automotive software NeuSAR and cutting-edge innovations, with the focus placed firmly on innovative products.


Founded in October 2015, Neusoft Reach is a leading supplier of software-defined car products designed for software-defined vehicle companies. The company's offerings are bolstered by state-of-the-art technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data, which furnish automobile manufacturers with intelligent end-to-end solutions in domains encompassing intellectual network connectivity, self-driving capabilities, electric vehicle power systems, and automotive network safety.

The cross-domain central computing unit product developed by Neusoft Reach and UAES for the next generation of electronic and electrical architecture officially debuted during the exhibition, which is committed to improving the intelligent and personalized experience of the entire vehicle, reducing development costs and promoting the rapid development of the intelligent automotive industry.

Meanwhile, Neusoft Reach has developed the first domestic autonomous driving domain controller platform in China based on Horizon Journey™ 5 and SemiDrive X9U series chips, which realized the integrated development and application of China-made chips, algorithms, software, and hardware. The product has been designated for SOP of a certain Chinese mainstream vehicle model, which will be launched in mass production in Q2 2023.

Based on this platform, the high-performance driving and parking integrated domain controller X-Box 4.0 of Neusoft Reach is driven by Horizon Journey™ 5 and SemiDrive X9U series chips, providing more than 40 functions for car companies, including highway navigate on autopilot (NOA), home zone park assist (HPA), integrated cruise assist (ICA), remote parking assist(RPA), etc. It supports access to 8M cameras, 4D point cloud radars and LiDARs, and DSI3 ultrasonic radar, ensuring safe and reliable operation and precise perception and avoidance of various alien and unknown obstacles, creating smoother human-vehicle interaction and a more differentiated driving experience.

During the exhibition, Neusoft Reach signed strategic cooperation agreements with ZF and several other automotive supply chain manufacturers to establish sustainable and trustworthy strategic partnerships. They will work together to build a complete eco-chain system and commit to breakthroughs in key automotive technologies and product innovation.