CRM Software Provider EC Nets more than 100 Mn in Series D2

Technology, Financials Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 23, 2023 02:01 PM (GMT+8)

Business services are quietly changing. In the past, traditional CRM vendors have never been able to solve the problems of high costs of home-grown PaaS, long delivery cycles, and uncontrollable projects in the face of personalised enterprise needs. The new model of combining SaaS+PaaS will enable SaaS vendors to break out of the customisation trap.


Founded in 2008, EC (Chinese: 六度人和) is one of the first CRM SaaS providers in China. The company announced the completion of CNY100 million Series D2 financing, jointly invested by CITIC Securities(Chinese: 中信证券) and Lion Capital(Chinese: 狮城资本), with Index VC(Chinese: 指数资本) as the exclusive financial advisor. The proceeds from this round will mainly be used for the ecological layout of the upstream and downstream of the CRM industry chain, as well as to leverage Lion Capital's overseas resources to explore overseas business strategies, promote the global business layout, and closely communicate with CITIC Securities on the capitalisation path to accelerate the IPO process.

Over the years, EC has adhered to a standardised product strategy and channel distribution sales strategy. Founder & CEO Zhang Xingliang has always insisted on a product-oriented path, creating a full-scene CRM that has been implemented on a large scale in various industries.

Despite the challenging environment in recent years, EC has maintained an annual funding rhythm. Compared to the last round of funding, the strategic direction remains stable, while the three aspects of marketing, product and sales are constantly iterated and improved.

After years of research and development, EC covers the needs of three departments, including marketing, sales and customer service, and forms a flexibly configurable middle office capability based on the business abstraction of tens of thousands of enterprises, enabling it to provide full-scene digital marketing solutions for a wide range of industries.

EC will continue to build its own software ecosystem:

On the one hand, it is strengthening ties with major manufacturers. The company received strategic investment from Tencent and UFIDA at the beginning of its establishment, and is also one of the most active products in Tencent's SaaS ecosystem.

On the other hand, EC has not only opened cooperation with other SaaS, but also built its own ecology through investment and M&A. Over the past two years, EC has successfully built solutions for many vertical industries, such as technology, business services, investment and franchise, advanced manufacturing, education and training, and finance.

EC's competitors include fxiaoke(Chinese: 纷享销客), NeoCRM(Chinese: 销售易) and WukongCRM(Chinese: 悟空CRM)