Yard Service Provider Yarbo Nets more than 100 Mn in Pre-A Round

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Mar 18, 2023 11:05 AM (GMT+8)

Yarbo(Chinese:汉阳科技) won the CES 2023 Innovation Award at CES in January and has already received more than $100 million in planned orders, which the team says will begin shipping this year.


Yarbo was founded in 2015, with a focus on developing snow-clearing robots. It is reported that Yarbo recently received more than 100 million yuan in pre-A round funding, exclusively led by Starlight Capital (Chinese:昊辰资本). Singapore Zelos Fund, Olacier Capital China(Chinese:庚辛资本中国), angel investor Wang Long, Silicon Valley investor HP Jin, angel investor Cheng Xiaohua, Shenghong shares (Chinese:盛弘股份) (SZ: 300693) Chairman Fang Xing, Ming Yang Circuit(Chinese:明阳电路)(SZ: 300739) Chairman Pei Ke Zhang and others followed the investment, and Olacier Capital also served as the exclusive long-term strategic financial advisor to Yarbo. According to Allen Huang Yang, founder and CEO of Yarbo, the proceeds from this round will be used for market expansion and overseas sales.

Yarbo is derived from Snowbot. After five years of development and countless product tests and iterations, the company launched the world's first autonomous residential snow removal robot - Snowbot S1, the beta version. Now comes Yarbo, which can already handle most of people's yard service needs.

According to the team, snow plow robot as a brand new category, there is no mature parts and supply chain. The team is like exploring in no man's land, in the process of doing product development, testing and iteration, it took 6 years to build the world's first snow plow robot supply chain system.

In the scene selection, founder Allen Huang Yang said to 36 Krypton, snow plowing is heavy and dangerous repetitive work, for users, the need to free their hands is more clear, so the logic of the machine for human users are also more willing to accept. In addition, thanks to the scarcity of snow plowing robots and mowing tools off-peak season just staggered, for the channel, can be complementary with gardening tools, the channel is also more willing to cooperate. According to the team, they have already received thousands of unsolicited contacts from dealers around the world.

Yarbo currently has offices in New York and Shenzhen with core members from head semiconductor company such as ASM, German Aerospace, Husqvarna, Huawei and other well-known international companies, both hardware, software, robotics and AI algorithm capabilities, focusing on deep plowing garden scene since 2015.