Instrument Manufacturing Company Gainway Nets tens of millions in Series A

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang, Qinqie He Feb 06, 2023 04:00 PM (GMT+8)

As the Chinese government pays more attention to greenhouse gas monitoring, it brings more opportunities for the development of domestic carbon emission monitoring technology and the application of carbon monitoring equipment.

Carbon neutralization phase II project started

Gainway, a high-tech company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of optical design and optical-mechanical-computer integration products, announced that it has raised CNY tens of millions in series A funding round. The investors include Shenergy(Chinese:上海申能), Jinguan(Chinese:上海锦冠投资), Yongchangsheng(Chinese:山西永昌盛), Dayineng(Chinese:武汉达益能),Shenyuanchuan(Chinese:泉州申远川). Proceeds raised in this round will primarily used to expand the company's automated production line,  continue research and development of key optical devices, and expand the company's market in the fields of digital energy security monitoring and carbon emission detection.

Gainway Technology was founded in 2013, is a high precision optical gas sensor as the core for carbon monitoring, energy security monitoring and other fields to provide digital system solutions provider. At this stage, Gainway's optical gas sensors are mainly used in four scenarios: environmental protection (pollution source emission monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, carbon emission monitoring), energy (gas detection in transformer oil, GIS decomposition product gas monitoring, energy storage safety condition trace gas detection), petrochemical (alkane gas detection in oil exploration, hydrogen sulfide gas safety monitoring at well sites, industrial process gas detection), and medical (red blood cell lifespan analysis, early diagnosis of gastric cancer, breath detection of gastrointestinal diseases).

Previously, Gainway Technology only provided hardware, so it could only become a supplier of other complete solution manufacturers, which was at a disadvantage in the supply chain. Therefore, since last year, Gainway Technology has started to develop software system and data service, especially in the field of carbon emission monitoring, to gradually realize the new development mode of "hardware + software platform + data service", and gradually applied to the field of energy safety status monitoring.

Gainway’s competitors include Hanwei(Chinese:汉威科技), HGTech(Chinese: 华工科技) and Cubic(Chinese:四方光电).