Chinese Traffic Operation Service Vendor Raises CNY 70 Mn in Series C Round of Funding

Consumer Staples Author: 杨斯怡 Jan 04, 2023 01:32 PM (GMT+8)

Offline commerce in China is gradually recovering.


Linhuiba (Chinese: 邻汇吧), a retail space traffic operation service provider, raised a Series C round of financing of CNY 70 million (USD 10.16 million, led by Oriental Capital (Chinese: 东方创富), with previous shareholders Tisiwi (Chinese: 天使湾创投), Gold Port Capital (Chinese. (Chinese: 紫金港资本), Merchants Group (Chinese:招商创投) added to the round.

The funds will be used to promote the digital intelligence transformation of the retail space industry and build an end-to-end infrastructure for the distribution and pricing of retail space traffic.

Founded in 2015, Linhuiba has established nearly 20 molecular companies nationwide, entering the retail space trading track with a flexible store opening system for brands such as flash stores and slow flash stores.

Linhuiba is committed to providing data-based site selection and venue booking services for brands' offline marketing activities such as flash stores, slow-moving stores and stores. In addition, Linhuiba also provides offline marketing solutions for brands, covering marketing site selection, event implementation, effect monitoring, and omnichannel user operation, as well as resource operation solutions for commercial spaces, covering multi-pass investment, slot management, and resource pricing.

Linhuiba stated that the plug-and-play, results-driven global flexible store opening system would further drive the global rise of Chinese consumer brands in the next decade against China's leading international best practices.