Leading AMR Company Geek+ Harvests USD 100 Million in Series E1

Technology Author: Guoyan Wu Aug 09, 2022 04:56 PM (GMT+8)

Geek+ has a comprehensive robot product line, including solutions for storage, picking and sorting in warehousing scenarios and products such as industrial handling robots and unmanned forklifts for manufacturing scenarios.

Geek +

Geek+ (Chinese: 极智嘉) recently announced that it finished the E1 financing round with USD 100 million. Its investors include IntelCapital (Chinese: 英特尔资本), Vertex Growth (Chinese: 祥峰成长基金) and Qingyue Capital (Chinese:清悦资本).

The proceeds will be mainly used to accelerate global market expansion and facilitate the development of underlying technologies and key product innovation.

Qiang Zheng, CEO of Geek+, revealed that thanks to the company’s successful global business strategy and the explosion of the logistics intelligence market, Geek+ is moving towards sustainable development and profitability after its rapid business growth over the past few years.

According to Tianlin Wang, managing director of IntelCapital, as a global leader in the AMR industry, Geek+ has been maintaining deep technical cooperation with Intel. Intel hopes to deepen the partnership through this investment and work together with Geek+ to drive industry innovation and modernize the infrastructure of smart logistics.

Geek+ is a leading logistics robot company that provides a full range of logistics robot products and solutions to enable enterprises' intelligent logistics upgrades. By 2021, Geek+ achieved sales of over CNY 2 billion and revenues of over CNY 1 billion.

Its competitors include HaiRobotics (Chinese: 海柔创新), Quicktron (Chinese: 快仓智能) and Multiway Robotics (Chinese: 劢微机器人).