Smart Pathology Company KfBio Nets Over CNY 100 Mn in Series C Round

Healthcare Author: Siren Chen Jul 12, 2022 05:47 PM (GMT+8)

There are remaining 'unmet clinical needs' in pathology diagnosis. We expect KfBio and its counterparts could offer high-quality solutions to boost the development of the pathology industry.


KfBio (Chinese: 江丰生物), a company providing integrated intelligent pathology solutions, completed the Series C round financing of more than CNY 100 million. This funding round was led by WisdoMont Asset Management (Chinese: 盛山资本).

Founded in 2011, KfBio uses new-generation information technologies such as smart IOT, artificial intelligence and big data to develop digital pathological scanning systems, pathological pre-processing equipment, pathological informatization, AI in pathology and pathological diagnosis services.

Pathological diagnosis is known as the 'gold standard' and is the final diagnosis of disease. Its resources are scarce and unevenly distributed. Digitalization, automation and intellectualization are the future trends of the Pathology Department. In this context, KfBio intends to construct a fully digital pathology in the hospital. Up to now, the company has already cooperated with many top hospitals, such as West China Hospital, Henan Provincial Peoples Hospital and Sichuan Cancer Hospital and Institute, as well as many regional pathology centers such as Ningbo pathology diagnosis center and Dongguan pathology center. 

The company's digital pathology business has entered more than 2000 hospitals. It received the class II medical certificate based on in-depth learning in 2019 and applied for a class III certificate through the NMPA priority review pathway. KfBio has made fruitful expansion in overseas markets in recent years and has been widely recognized by customers in Europe, Thailand, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Chile, Australia and many other countries. It will carry out cervical cancer screening projects for hundreds of thousands of people in Brazil. In the next three to five years, the company's revenue at home and abroad is expected to be flat, and the overseas market will serve as a new growth engine for the company.

Its competitors include United Imaging (Chinese: 联影医疗), SenseTime (Chinese: 商汤科技) and Ali Health (Chinese: 阿里健康).