Financials, Healthcare Author: Jizhen Huang May 26, 2022 06:20 PM (GMT+8)

Founded in 2021, Full Life develops the platform to enhance the ability to produce high-quality and quantitative radioisotopes and to meet the unmet needs of radiopharmaceutical treatments.

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Shanghai Full Life Technologies (Chinese: 上海辐联医药) has announced the completion of a CNY 250 Million (USD 37 Million) Series A financing round recently. This round of funding is led by Sequoia China, with the participation of Yinglian Health Fund (Chinese: 楹联健康基金), Junson Capital (Chinese: 佳辰资本), CDBI Partners (Chinese: 辰德资本) and Kunlun Capital (Chinese:昆仑资本). The proceeds of this round will be used to advance its radiopharmaceutical oncology pipelines and to construct its radioactive medical isotope platform.

Prior to this funding round, Full Life announced the completion of a USD10 million seed round of financing at the end of last year. The funding was jointly invested by Chengwei Capital (Chinese:成为资本) and Gordian Ventures (Chinese:革锭创投).

In recent years, nuclear medicine has seen a renaissance, leading to significant clinical and commercial validation for the most challenging cancers. The field remains under-invested while additional drug discovery efforts are critical to bringing up new concepts. Given the nature of radioisotopes, nuclear medicine presents unique supply chain production and logistical challenges.

Headquartered in Shanghai with operations across Europe, Full-Life focuses on building a whole industry chain of radioligand R&D, production, and commercialization.

"Funding from Sequoia China is a strong belief in our strategy, team and progress.” Sun Peiqi, co-founder, chairman, and chief operating officer of Fulian Pharmaceuticals, claimed that this round of financing Enabled the team to advance drug candidates into clinical human studies over the next year and would accelerate the development of its global radioisotope production and logistics capabilities.

Full Life Technologies’ main competitors include China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (Chinese:中国同辐, HK:1763), Dongcheng Pharmaceuticals (Chinese:东诚药业, SHE:02675), and Smart Nuclide (Chinese: 智核生物).