Automotive Author: Contributor, 施放, Fuller Wang May 24, 2022 03:17 PM (GMT+8)

BYD’s pre-sale data showed a huge success. BYD’s future plans indicated a high potential to grow in the future.


BYD’s new version Tang EV has officially started pre-sale on May 22, 2022. According to its released data through the official WeChat account, BYD announced an 8,505-unit result within 24-hour sales for its 2022 Tang EV version.

The 2022 Tang EV is a 6-seat or 7-seat pure electric vehicle. The models for this version are: 600 KM exclusive type with a pre-sale price of CNY 282,800, 730 KM exclusive type with a pre-sale price of CNY 312,800, 635 KM four-wheel-drive flagship type with a pre-sale price of CNY 342,800. 

As Tang EV is a pure electric vehicle, it fully fell into China’s government policy towards electric vehicles. The policy, or we can view it as promotions, can potentially increase citizens’ demand for electric vehicles, and push up BYD’s sales number. 

On May 16, 2022, Guian New District Fudi Battery Co., Ltd was established. Its shareholder information indicates that this company is indirectly wholly-owned by BYD. Its registered capital is CNY 50 million. The business scope includes energy storage technology services, intelligent power transmission and distribution and control equipment, electronic special materials, and so on. The establishment of this company also implies BYD’s future plan and potential.

BYD is also trying to sell its products internationally. On August 12, 2021, BYD held its first vehicle launch and delivery event in Oslo, Norway. BYD was releasing the version of Tang EV. As Norway is BYD’s first market in Europe, BYD shipped a total of 1500 units of Tang EV within 2021. There is no official data or announcement for its new version’s Tang EV in other markets outside of China so far. However, its success previously indicated a high potential for this version’s Tang EV.