Automotive Author: Fuller Wang, Yuanxi Ma Editor: Fuller Wang May 20, 2022 04:53 PM (GMT+8)

Tianqi Lithium announced its new collaboration with Beijing WeLion New Energy Technology Co, a company focused on the research and development of hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte rechargeable lithium batteries and all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections

This collaboration marks Tianqi Lithium’s expansion into anode material, a downstream industry of lithium production. In a joint venture with Welion, Tianqi intends to establish a company specializing in pre-lithiated anode material recycling, research, and development of all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries.

They anticipate that this collaboration will first help to increase the value of their lithium product by expanding its application, as well as integrate and share their technology to create a synergy in pre-lithiation strategy R&D. Tianqi Lithium is the world's leading lithium-based new energy material company. In 2020, Tianqi produced about 2,900 tons of lithium for battery manufacturing, accounting for about half of all lithium production.

Because of its higher energy density and fewer restrictions on Cathode material selection, lithium metal has become a more competitive anode material. Lithium metal, as a anode material for rechargeable batteries, has a small market share compared to lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide, but as the demand for all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries grows, so will the demand for lithium metal.