Healthcare Author: Siren Chen May 10, 2022 07:05 PM (GMT+8)

Founded in 2020, Wuxu-data, the pharma data management specialist, will accelerate its process of building an information interconnected pharmaceutical world with the fresh funding

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Chongqing Yaoda Big Data Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Wuxu-data", Chinese: 戊戌数据) completed the Pre-Series A financing round worth millions of CNY. This round of financing is jointly invested by Sichuan Hezong Medicine (Chinese: 合纵药易购) and Sichuan Shenniao Century Technology (Chinese: 神鸟健康).

The funds will be used for the development of new platforms and team expansion.

Wuxu-data has been focusing on building an integrated digital transformation service platform integrating data, news, reports, and regulations for the pharmaceutical industry.

The 14th Five-Year Plan of China clearly proposes to speed up the digitization of biomedical industry. The digital economy is booming and has become the main force in the transformation and upgrade of the real economy.

It emphasizes that companies should strengthen the cross-industry innovation of information science and life science. Encourage enterprises to share data and develop third-party big-data services. 

At present, domestic medical databases such as DRUGDATAEXPY (Chinese: 药智数据), Insight and Pharmcube (Chinese: 医药魔方) are developing rapidly. They have been used to query information such as project initiation, market research, competitive product analysis, patent information, clinical trials and generic consistency evaluation by medical workers. Only by making products with their own characteristics can they survive in a crowd of competitive products.

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