30-Days Countdown! WIM2021 New York Forum is Approaching

Industrials, Technology Author: 黄渊普 Nov 09, 2021 11:50 AM (GMT+8)

What are investment opportunities in China in 2022 and beyond?

WIM 2021

WIM2021 New York Forum

China's Investment Opportunities in 2022 and Beyond

13:30-17:30 December 9,2021 | Manhattan, New York City

World Innovators Meet (WIM), a flagship event curated by EqualOcean since 2014, is an opportunity for international participants to join a discussion on the most pressing topics in China's key industries. In just seven years, WIM has grown from a local event in China into a global conference that connects China with the international community by bringing together 1,500+ speakers (including several Nobel laureates), 50,000 global attendees, and 2,000+ media and community partners.

This year, the World Innovators Meet 2021 (WIM2021) will be a hybrid event, combining both online and offline experiences. WIM2021's main venue is in Shanghai, China, with more than 200 speakers and 3,000 participants expected to attend and exchange ideas to foster greater cross-border economic integration.  WIM2021 covers 11 topics, including the hottest industries (from automotive to healthcare) and concepts (like carbon neutrality and 'Zhuan Jing Te Xin').  

World Innovators Meet New York Forum (WIM New York) is the overseas branch of WIM2021 and will focus on China’s Investment Opportunities in 2022 and Beyond. Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about China, which will soon become the world’s largest economy and remains a dynamic center for technological innovation. 


13:30-14:00  Registration

Show ticket confirmation email and vaccination card at the guest reception desk, all participants need to wear masks during the whole meeting. 

14:00-14:20  Keynote speech: China’s investment outlook for 2022

Yuanpu Huang, founder of EqualOcean, will represent the organizer to deliver this keynote speech; With more than 100 analysts based in Beijing, Shanghai and New York, EqualOcean publishes 200+ deep-dive reports every year, covering topics including frontier technology, new consumption, automobile, and healthcare industries in China. The keynote speech will cover China’s overall investment landscape and EqualOcean’s perspective looking forward to 2022. 

14:20-15:10, Panel discussion 1: Is now the right time to bullish on Chinese stocks? 

Chinese big tech stocks suffered a lot in 2021. Will this misery continue, or will share prices recover and reach new heights in 2022? Some say the regulatory crackdown is far from over, while others are convinced that Chinese stocks will surge to create a stable and prosperous backdrop to the 20th Party Congress in November next year. Panelists from securities companies, hedge funds, PE/VC firms, and financial media will discuss their outlooks. 

15:10-15:20, Coffee break

15:20-16:10, Panel discussion 2: ESG in China - Renewables and disclosure challenges

ESG investments in China are becoming increasingly important as the country aims to peak its carbon emissions by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060. More and more public companies are publishing ESG reports, but the information disclosures still lag behind some of their Western counterparts. As China’s financial landscape opens to international institutional investors, ESG considerations and green technology investments will play a crucial role in investment strategies going forward. 

16:10-17:00, Panel discussion 3: What sectors should VCs be watching for the next batch of Chinese unicorns?

In the past ten years, China generated the second most unicorns in the world, in areas like e-commerce, electric vehicles, new consumption, and AI. Now Chinese technology is pushing into a so-called new era for the digital economy called 'Zhuan Jing Te Xin.' This includes frontier innovations like blockchain and metaverse applications, which are growing in popularity in China. So which sectors will produce the next generation unicorns? Panelists from startups, VC companies, technology scholars, and industry media will share their thoughts. 

17:00-17:30, Free communication time

Benefit from unique networking opportunities by connecting with other attendees at the event, most of which are financial or technology professionals from notable firms. The organizer will prepare a name card with everyone’s introductory information, so take the opportunity to meet other attendees.

All attendees would receive a deep-dive report on China’s Investment Opportunities as a gift, please feel free to contact us.

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