Futu Founder Leaf Hua Li Apologizes for System Failure

Financials Author: Fuller Wang, Tommy Mi Oct 12, 2021 02:27 PM (GMT+8)

"We are sincerely sorry, and we humbly accept all criticism and advice. We will make relevant improvements immediately." Futu founder Leaf Hua Li publicly expresses remorse for the interruption of the morning of October 9, 2021.

Futu Holdings

On October 11, 2021, Futu Holdings Ltd. founder Leaf Hua Li issued a signed article, apologizing to the public for the transaction interruption in the early morning of October 9, 2021. He highlighted three points in his apology. 

Several brokerages, including Futu, experienced network failure in their engine rooms due to power stoppage. Futu contacted the operator for repair and was able to resume core services within two hours.  

First, Hua Li addressed the compensation issue for near-exp options' value zeroing. Futu has already started contacting its clients regarding this issue and will negotiate and make customized compensation plans.

Second, Leaf Hua Li addressed the problem with the disaster recovery system. Hua Li emphasized that Futu's system implements disaster recovery and a dual-channel redundancy design, from market quotation to transaction, server to transaction gateway to network transmission.

Leaf Hua Li said, "This incident took hours to fix, which provided us with a lesson and much insight." In addition, he made it clear that Futu will prepare and include a backup solution that deals with transaction performance, order delay and supports cross-IDC. If a similar incident does happen, Futu could shorten the repair time to minutes.

Leaf Hua Li made the last point about the asset display issue. Many clients could not see their position and asset data during the interruption. The system failure severed the connection between the MooMoo APP and the background data, which caused panic as the interruption zeroed users' front-end display. Hua Li promised to improve the performance of the MooMoo App and its relevant services.