First 5G Fully-Connected Factory Exhibits in Beijing

Technology Author: Fuller Wang Jun 17, 2021 06:33 PM (GMT+8)

Built by Sany, China Telecom and Huawei together, the innovative factory can deal with more than 30 scenarios in eight categories.

Industrial Internet standards

On June 16, the first 5G fully-connected factory jointly built by Sany, China Telecom and Huawei was exhibited in Changping District of Beijing. According to Sany, the new 5G factory can be applied in more than 30 segmentation scenarios in eight categories, including manufacturing, visual management, intelligent logistics, intelligent park, intelligent research, intelligent marketing.

 Intelligent manufacturing is still in the exploratory stage in China. According to a person who is familiar with the thing, the three companies will continue to promote the 5G intelligent manufacturing. China's government also plans to accelerate the construction of 5G factories in Changping District of Beijing, Lingang of Shanghai, Kunshan of Jiangsu and other places in China, and realize the digitalization of products and the intellectualization of data management.

 According to the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China's 5G + industrial Internet has made a good start, and promoting the construction of 5G fully connected factories is an important measure to realize the high-quality development of 5G + IoT. According to an official document, China plans to build 30 5G fully connected plants in 10 key industries by 2023.