Maxscend Invests CNY 800 Mn on New Semiconductor Manufacturing Base

Technology Author: Fuller Wang Dec 01, 2020 12:53 PM (GMT+8)

The radiofrequency manufacturer plans to improve its RF SAW filter production capacity and finally to realize domestic substitution for RF SAW filters.

China Chips

According to the announcement of Maxscend Microelectronics on November 29, the company plans to sign a "strategic co-operation" agreement with Jiangsu Wuxi Liyuan Economic Development Zone Committee, and build a new semiconductor manufacturing base. With the new manufacturing base, the company's RF Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter technological capability and mass production capacity will be improved. The company is aiming to achieve the domestic substitution of RF SAW filters and RF modules in China finally. It is estimated that the total investment in this project will reach CNY 800 million.

 Founded in 2012, Maxscend Microelectronics has become a leading radio frequency (RF) manufacturer in China. The company’s main products include smartphone RF switches, low noise amplifiers and RF front end chips. In 2019, with the growth of downstream market demand, the sales volume of micro RF elements reached 4.41 billion, and the value per chip increased by 66%.

 Stimulated by the bullish news, the company’s stocks (300782:SH) rose to CNY 560.41 by the end of the last trading day, up over 150% since the beginning of the year. Now the company has achieved a market capitalization of CNY 101.34 billion.