Sany's Live Sales Reach CNY 1 Bn during Singles Day Online Event 2020

Industrials Author: Fuller Wang Nov 13, 2020 12:15 PM (GMT+8)

The leading heavy industry company has adjusted its marketing strategy by moving the process online. Its sales have already reached CNY 1 billion as it chases a target of CNY 10 billion for November 26.


During the Double 11 Shopping Festival, Sany held its own online live broadcasting event, Sany Bauma China 2020, and opened its own broadcast platform for the online sales of engineering machines and to teach the operation of the products. There were 10 kinds of products in the event including excavators, cranes and rollers. The strategy seems to have worked: the company achieved over CNY 1 billion in sales in its first single day through the platform. 

With the massive and widespread presence offline Sany brick-and-mortar stores in China, consumers’ concerns about buying large goods online are easily assuaged. According to Sany’s announcement, consumers can pick up the machines in a nearby brick-and-mortar store and enjoy the same all-around technical support and counseling as when buying in traditional ways.

Affected by the COVID-19 crisis, Sany has been adjusting its marketing strategy since January. The Sany Bauma China 2020 event is the third large sales event of 2020, and it is also the first time Sany has tried to build its own broadcasting platform. The president of Sany Marketing Department, Lv Zhiwei, said that the sales goal of Sany Bauma China 2020 is CNY 10 billion for November 26, 2020, and Sany has great confidence of reaching it.