Technology, Consumer Staples, Financials Jun 24, 2022 05:00 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The latest convertible bond position data in May showed that all kinds of participants in Shenzhen stock market began to increase their holdings of convertible bonds in the same month, while the social security and annuity holdings of participants in Shanghai convertible bonds were also very obvious. This year, the convertible bond market weakened along with a shares. Since February, the market participants have generally reduced their positions. However, this phenomenon changed significantly in May, and all participants showed an increase in their holdings. This is the first time that this feature has been shown after this round of adjustment. According to the statistics of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, market participants include funds, special fund accounts, self operated securities companies, QFII, insurance funds and natural persons. These participants increased their holdings by 17.6 billion yuan in May. Not only has the participation behavior of investors in Shenzhen stock market improved, but also the long-term capital increase in Shanghai stock market. There are obvious signs of increasing the holdings of social security funds and enterprise annuities. The enterprise annuity increased by nearly 3.3 billion yuan and the social security fund increased by 500million yuan.
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