Technology, Healthcare Feb 27, 2022 04:18 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Rongbai technology announced that the company and greenmei recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The company plans to invest 18% of the equity or shares of power regeneration held by greenmei in the form of equity participation. One director of the board of directors of power regeneration is nominated by rongbai technology; No less than 26% of the materials and products produced by power regeneration (calculated by the proportion of metal quality in the final product) shall be supplied to rongbai technology at a fair price. Greenmea affiliate will transfer its 8% stake in Indonesia qingmeibang to rongbai technology. After the completion of the investment, rongbai technology and its related parties hold 8% of the shares of qingmeibang, Indonesia. The company expects to purchase no less than 300000 tons of precursors from greenmei. The specific supply quantity and price shall be subject to the purchase and sales order separately signed by both parties.
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