Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate Feb 18, 2022 03:49 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
With regard to the procedures for college students to apply for entrepreneurship guaranteed loans, Zhejiang human resources and social security department said that the policy stipulates that the application for entrepreneurship guaranteed loans must be checked through two procedures: first, the human resources and social security department shall organize experts to review the entrepreneurship projects, and then issue the loan qualification certificate guaranteed by the entrepreneurship Guaranteed Fund for college students; Second, college students apply for loans to the handling bank with the qualification certificate and relevant materials, and the handling bank will investigate the entrepreneurial projects, credit status and solvency of college students. After the approval, the entrepreneurship guarantee fund established by the government provides guarantee for college students, and the handling bank issues loans to college students. After paying off the principal and interest of the loan on schedule, college students apply for interest discount to the human resources and social security department with the repayment certificate issued by the handling bank.
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