Technology, Consumer Staples, Financials Jan 25, 2022 08:10 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The 2022 CBRC working meeting was held by video on the afternoon of January 24. The meeting stressed that efforts should be made to promote a virtuous cycle of the national economy. In accordance with the requirements of stability and seeking progress while maintaining stability, we will fully support the stabilization of the macro-economic market. Reasonably increase the financing supply and ensure the financing of key areas and major projects in the 14th five year plan. We will support moderately advanced infrastructure investment. Promote the financing increment, expansion and price reduction of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. Innovation supports major national scientific and technological tasks and better serves key core technology research enterprises and "specialized and special new" enterprises. Optimize the co insurance mechanism in key areas, and promote the pilot of new materials and the first set of insurance. Focus on orderly promoting carbon peak and carbon neutralization, innovate green financial products and services, and support stable energy production and supply. Improve the quality and efficiency of financial services and rural revitalization, and help "new citizens" live and start businesses in cities and towns. We will continue to standardize the development of the third pillar of old-age insurance and promote the improvement of health insurance services. Strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers. The meeting called for unremitting efforts to prevent and resolve financial risks. We will continue to follow the basic principles of "stabilizing the overall situation, overall planning and coordination, implementing policies by categories and accurately dismantling bombs", handle risks in the financial field steadily and firmly hold the bottom line of no systemic financial risks. Compact the responsibilities of all parties and orderly promote the disposal of high-risk financial institutions. Properly deal with the rebound of non-performing assets. Adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living rather than speculation, continue to improve the long-term mechanism of "stabilizing land prices, house prices and expectations", and implement policies to promote the virtuous cycle and healthy development of the real estate industry. Continue to dismantle high-risk shadow banks and fully implement the new regulations on asset management. Severely crack down on illegal financial activities, and seriously rectify the chaos of "agent surrender". We will speed up the handling of illegal fund-raising on file and strictly prevent risk rebound.
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