Dec 19, 2021 03:39 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
An A-share bull that has risen for eight years has faded out of the core position of star fund manager Zhang Kun. According to the latest announcement disclosed by SUPOR, a leader in the kitchen electricity industry in the field of small household appliances, on December 13, the fund managed by e fund manager Zhang Kun has withdrawn from the ranks of the top 10 circulating shareholders of the stock after holding shares for many years. This means that in just over two months, Zhang Kun reduced his holdings of at least 15.8 million SUPOR shares. However, when Zhang Kun reduced his holdings on a large scale, some star fund managers chose to increase their holdings of the stock. The consumption industry of e-fund managed by Xiao Nan, another star fund manager of e-fund, increased its stake in SUPOR by 125600 shares; The scarce assets of Qianhai open source China managed by Qu Yang, the comparative advantages of Qianhai open source countries, and the products of China EU value intelligent selection managed by Yuan Weide have newly entered the top ten circulating shareholders of Supor.
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