Technology, Automotive Sep 27, 2021 11:21 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile, September 27 - recently, the 2021 world intelligent networked automobile conference was held in Beijing. At the theme summit of "policies, regulations and standard system", Shang Jin, general manager and chief technical officer of Guoqi intelligent control (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on the standardization and industrial implementation process of intelligent vehicle operating system. Shang Jin believes that the current software definition and data-driven promote the emergence of a new industrial chain and new development mode of intelligent vehicles. Tier1.5 around the basic computing platform will realize the digital base of ICT and the common function of automatic driving of upward service host factories. With the evolution and upgrading of the electronic and electrical architecture of the whole vehicle from distributed to centralized, the operating system has become the core of the intelligent networked vehicle laid out by the OEMs and Tier1. For the standardization of intelligent vehicle operating system, Shang Jin introduced that the Ministry of industry and information technology has established icv-2035 working group. The core goal is to break through the key technologies and products such as vehicle operating system and high-performance automobile chip, and create an independent and controllable supporting system of intelligent networked automobile industry chain. Shang Jin said that the intelligent vehicle operating system will gradually integrate the on-board OS, autopilot OS and safety OS into the autopilot operating system, introduce the cloud twin operating system, and finally form a compatible, unified, flexible and expandable ubiquitous intelligent networked vehicle operating system. According to Shang Jin's judgment, under the general trend of hardware convergence, software definition and data-driven intelligent network, in addition to continuous forward-looking research, standards, evaluation, demonstration and open source based on the industry platform, the industry should pay attention to cloud side vehicle end computing integration and information security in the next step.