Automotive, Technology Jul 08, 2021 08:38 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On July 8, at the Alibaba booth of the world artificial intelligence conference, zebra Zhixing and Neolithic unmanned vehicle officially signed a cooperation agreement, which will jointly build an AI unmanned vehicle solution supported by cloud computing. The two sides will jointly define a new digital intelligent life solution based on cloud, management, end and integration, and jointly build an AI unmanned vehicle solution with software and hardware integration and supported by cloud computing power. At the same time, with zebra smart Travel + Neolithic joint brand unmanned car as the tentacle, through the city open road link Industrial Park, CBD business district, campus, business district and scenic spots and other business scenarios, provide the vast number of consumers with accessible intelligent services covering retail, catering, finance, government affairs, security patrol and other fields. For this cooperation, Xu Qiang, CIO of zebra Zhixing, said that zebra Zhixing has its own unique advantages in intelligent vehicle operating system, AI, cloud computing, big data and high-precision map. Neolithic has the world's leading L4 based driverless technology, and has the ability of full stack design and mass production from chassis, structure, hardware to software, In a real sense, the cooperation between the two sides has realized the "double sword combination" of software and hardware. In addition, from the scene to understand that the joint venture between the two sides of the joint venture unmanned retail car has been running in the venue, the car can stop beckoning, the user can scan the two-dimensional code can easily open the box, pick up the goods, through Alipay deduction, can carry 500KG at most, equivalent to 2 three open door refrigerators, the preparatory staff of the conference is affectionately known as "AI traveling salesman".
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