Healthcare Dec 28, 2020 02:44 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 27, the "two cancers" (cervical cancer and breast cancer, referred to as "two cancers") screening overall solution conference jointly sponsored by BGI and Hanwei intelligent medical was held in Shenzhen national gene bank. With the theme of "benefiting China from the vastness of love", the conference focused on the mobile "two cancer" intelligent screening vehicle for cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening, which can provide more convenient and flexible "two cancer" screening overall solutions for hospitals, health departments and other institutions all over the country. At the press conference, Professor Qiao Youlin and Zhu raoreng respectively introduced the current situation of cervical cancer and breast cancer. According to reports, cervical cancer and breast cancer are two malignant tumors that seriously threaten women's health. According to the 2015 National Cancer Registry data, the incidence rate and mortality rate of cervical cancer in China are 10.28/10 Vanward 5.04/10 million, and the incidence rate and mortality rate of breast cancer are 45.29/10, Vanward 10.50/10 million. Breast cancer is still the most common malignant tumor in women, with 304000 cases per year. In 2019, there are 106430 new cases and 47739 deaths of cervical cancer in China. At present, the internationally recognized effective measures to prevent and treat "two cancers" are early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, and the key to realize "three early" is to do a good job in screening. However, due to the uneven medical resources and lack of talents in China, the large-scale development of screening is restricted to a great extent.
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