LimX Dynamics Completes New Round of Strategic Financing

Technology Author: Notrice May 20, 2024 02:42 PM (GMT+8)

May 17, the general robotics startup LimX Dynamics(逐际动力) announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing, with Hangzhou Haoyue Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.(杭州灏月企业管理有限公司) participating in this round of investment.

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The two parties will jointly promote the development of embodied intelligence, represented by general-purpose humanoid robots, through continuous technological innovation to create robotic products and explore commercially viable application scenarios.

It is worth noting that Hangzhou Haoyue is an affiliate of Alibaba(阿里巴巴), with identical shareholder structures: Taobao (淘宝) Software Co., Ltd. holds 57.5947%, Zhejiang Tmall(天猫) Technology Co., Ltd. holds 35.7470%, and ALIBABA.COM CHINA LIMITED(阿里巴巴中国) holds 6.6583%.

Founded in 2022, LimX Dynamics specializes in general-purpose robots and boasts world-class academic and technical resources. The company focuses on the research and development of embodied AI and legged robots. Its products include humanoid bipedal and quadrupedal robots, along with related software and hardware solutions, applicable in various sectors such as automotive manufacturing, industrial inspection, logistics delivery, specialized operations, and household services in both B2B and B2C markets.

LimX Dynamics collaborates extensively with renowned scholars and authoritative institutions domestically and internationally to conduct cutting-edge research on robotics, software algorithms, and AI. Leveraging strong in-house R&D capabilities, the company is committed to disruptive innovation in robotic technology, aiming for the widespread application of general-purpose robots. Their advanced technologies and products are designed to break down the barriers between humans and robots, redefining human labor models.

As a rising star in the field of general-purpose robots, LimX Dynamics garnered significant online attention last year with a demonstration of their product and a substantial CNY 200 million financing, showcasing their robust technical foundation and promising development prospects.

Currently, most AI systems remain in a "disembodied" state, unable to directly interact with real-world environments. Embodied intelligence refers to intelligent systems with physical entities, like robots, which require perception of external environments, semantic understanding, decision-making, and task execution through physical movements. This involves numerous technical challenges in perception, cognition, and control, demanding high capabilities in computing power, algorithms, and hardware. Embodied intelligence represents the "final mile" of AI development, with humanoid robots being the most intuitive and representative embodiment.

In recent years, the rapid development of industrial and service robots has ushered in a "golden age" for the robotics industry. However, most current robots are specialized with low levels of intelligence, still reliant on manual operation or preset program instructions. LimX Dynamics aims to make robots "smarter," transforming them into intelligent entities capable of autonomous decision-making and adaptive actions.

Notably, the legal representative of this round's investor, Hangzhou Haoyue, is Hu Xiao(胡晓), who is also the Managing Director of Alibaba Group's Strategic Investment Department. This investment signifies Alibaba's further expansion into the intelligent robotics field amidst the rising wave of humanoid robots.