Haier Biomedical 'Smart Blood City Network' Lands in Brazil

Healthcare Author: Notrice Apr 15, 2024 03:45 PM (GMT+8)

Brazil, as the largest country and economy in South America, faces numerous challenges brought about by an aging population. With the country's economy continuing to grow, healthcare issues are receiving increasing attention, and the demand for medical services is rising year by year.


Recently, EqualOcean learned that Haier Biomedical(海尔生物医疗) has launched the Smart Blood City Network in Brazil, significantly improving the quality of medical services domestically by integrating with the blood bank system.

The "One Network Collaboration" Smart Blood City Network introduced by Haier emphasizes the safety and reliability of blood supply. This platform utilizes advanced IoT and other technologies to ensure complete traceability and supervision of the entire blood cold-chain process, from collection to transfusion. It not only enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of blood management but also reduces waiting times for emergency treatment and minimizes blood wastage, ensuring smooth information transmission.

While blood is irreplaceable in clinical medicine, Haier Biomedical's deployment of the Smart Blood City Network at the Rio Center Blood Bank ensures the safety of blood and has received high praise from local medical institutions. The Rio Center Blood Bank is gradually adopting the new U-blood system, replacing traditional blood storage equipment.

As one of Brazil's largest public blood banks, the Rio Center Blood Bank's application of Haier Biomedical's Smart Blood City Network provides a replicable model for approximately 7,000 hospitals nationwide, effectively promoting the rational utilization of important medical resources in Brazil.

Brazil, being a populous country, has diverse needs for medical equipment. In recent years, Brazil's medical equipment industry has been continuously developing, becoming the largest market for medical equipment in Latin America.

EqualOcean has learned that the current size of Brazil's medical equipment market has reached USD 12.1 billion. However, Brazil's medical equipment market relies heavily on imports, attracting numerous Chinese medical equipment companies to invest in Brazil.

Chinese medical equipment companies that have entered or plan to enter Brazil include Luye Pharma Group(绿叶制药), Amoy Diagnostics(艾德生物), Kangtai Biological(康泰生物), Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics(迈瑞医疗), Yiling Pharmaceuticals(以岭药业), Elite Capital(才金资本), Medvacca Medical(珉科医药), and WBL Biotech(北大维信生物), among others.