AIMA TECHNOLOGY Awarded "Most Valuable Investment" for Promoting Acknowledged ESG Ideals

Technology Author: Yuehan Li Editor: 陈迪 Nov 29, 2023 06:21 PM (GMT+8)

Establishing a remarkable standard for the industry


The 2023 Listed Companies' High-Quality Development Forum, the 25th Golden Bull Award Ceremony for Listed Companies, and the 2023 Golden Bull Enterprise Sustainable Development Forum, along with the first China New Cup·ESG Golden Bull Award Ceremony, were held from November 23 to 24 in Nantong, also referred to as the "Pearl of the River and Sea." The event brought together over three Chinese Academy of Sciences academicians, as well as more than 80 chairpersons from listed companies and representatives from 507 listed companies, along with over 750 guests to explore pathways in advanced manufacturing, the quest for new productivity, and driving the development of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance). 

The forum, composed of various events such as an opening ceremony, discussions, roundtable dialogues, and corporate surveys, engaged participants in thorough conversations about the high-quality growth of listed companies in the new era. They explored ways to encourage fresh productivity and establish innovative patterns for industrial development. At this momentous event, the 25th Golden Bull Award for Listed Companies was announced, and AIMA TECHNOLOGY (603529.SH) was honored with the "Most Valuable Investment" award. The Golden Bull Award holds significant prestige and influence within China's capital market. This recognition emphasizes AIMA's dedication to ESG principles, unwavering management, strong corporate governance, and enhanced industry impact.

AIMA TECHNOLOGY earned multiple awards and raised its ESG ratings throughout 2023. In July, the company was honored with the "Securities Star ESG New Benchmark Enterprise Award" for its outstanding ESG performance. In September, the globally acclaimed ESG rating agency, Morningstar Sustainalytics, issued a report boosting AIMA's ESG rating. The report showcased AIMA's impressive low-risk ESG score of 13.0, placing it 6th out of 90 automotive industry companies classified by Morningstar Sustainalytics, and 881st on a global scale. These honors validate the acknowledgment of AIMA's ESG governance by market and professional institutions, thus motivating the company's unwavering commitment to ESG management.

In the context of China's commitment to achieving "carbon neutrality" and "peak carbon" objectives, the philosophy of green development is gradually permeating every industry. ESG, a crucial value system for ensuring sustainable development, provides businesses with a framework for medium-to-long-term risk management and fosters profound changes in corporate conduct and philosophies. Thus, ESG's strategic framework empowers a company's operational activities.

Consequently, AIMA TECHNOLOGY integrated the "one base, one platform, four beams, and eight pillars" ESG management system into its operations, aligning closely with the country's transformative agenda. Responding to societal and consumer demands, the company launched eco-friendly, low-carbon, stylish, and intelligent products to meet the demand for smart travel. 

AIMA TECHNOLOGY follows a strategic approach focused on "customer-centricity, exceptional products, refined market cultivation, and meticulous operations" to offer a wide-ranging selection of vehicles to consumers. AIMA's products feature high quality, extended range, intelligence, and trendsetting characteristics, delivering a technologically advanced, stylish, customized, comfortable, and secure travel experience to users across different sectors. Currently, our company is enhancing its portfolio of eco-friendly vehicles for short- and medium-distance transportation. We strive to meet the increasing demands of our users by regularly introducing new products.

Experts in the industry confirm that ESG is a vital measurement dimension that reflects how we implement sustainable development principles at the micro-level. It is critical for evaluating the sustainable development and long-term investment value of listed companies. The release of these noteworthy awards, authoritative development reports, and essential indices will establish a remarkable standard for the industry, fostering the seamless and sustainable growth of the sector.