Wireless Communication Chip Design Company O-Cubes Completes Series A Financing

Technology Author: Yunfeng Zhang Oct 31, 2023 10:49 AM (GMT+8)

EqualOcean has learned that O-Cubes(Chinese: 白盒子微电子), a high-end chip R&D company in the field of wireless communication, has completed hundreds of millions of CNY in Series A financing.


SDH technology is a hot track of architectural innovation. As Moore's Law approaches its limit, it is becoming increasingly difficult to improve product performance through process, and more and more attention is paid to exploration from the perspective of architectural innovation. SDH technology, as a new technology, is in the process of technology research and development and industrial pilot application at home and abroad.

O-Cubes was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Shanghai. O-Cubes focuses on the research of SDH (Software Defined Hardware) advanced chip design technology, hoping to create high-end SoC chips in wireless communication through architectural innovation. O-Cubes hopes that through the innovative architecture of SDH, it can balance the power consumption and performance of the chip, as well as improve the programmability of the chip's software and hardware.

Lu Fang, president of O-Cubes, said in an interview with the media, "The company focuses on the wireless communication field, and has completed the layout of digital frequency intermediate (DFE) SoC chips, digital baseband SoC chips, amplitude-phase multifunction chips and other products. We will keep the SDH technology in our self-developed products for technical verification and iterative improvement. Currently, O-Cubes has successfully launched two generations of Digital Frequency Intermediate (DFE) SoC chips.

O-Cubes in the active layout of the digital field chip at the same time, continue to expand the RF field chip layout, successively developed and launched phased array applications supporting amplitude-phase multi-function chip, PA chip and LNA chip, the chip has a high specification, high integration, high gain, high linearity and other characteristics, composed of a complete phased array suite of programs.

Lu Fang said, "The company's phased array suite with digital baseband SoC chip with the formation of a number of empowering scenarios solutions to help commercial aerospace, mobile communications and other diversified scenarios applications, continue to the future direction of high-frequency, large bandwidth, low-cost continuous development."

Regarding technology accumulation, the company has obtained nearly 160 patents and other intellectual property rights and is independently controllable in core IP.

In serving downstream customers, O-Cubes not only provides chips but also provides modules and solutions at the same time, in order to reduce the industrial threshold and the difficulty for users to do customization.

O-Cubes' products can be used in the public network market of carriers, the private network market of industries such as smart cities, smart mines, smart parks, and the commercial aerospace field. With the expanding market demand in the future, O-Cubes' communication products will usher in a broader application space.

This round of financing was led by CAS Capital (Chinese: 中科院资本), followed by Xin Ding Capital (Chinese: 新鼎资本), etc., and supported by Shanghai Alliance Investment (Chinese: 联和投资) and other existing shareholders. Proceeds from the financing will mainly be used for order fulfillment, product development, application expansion, and team building.