Review: 10 Leading Chinese Robotic Controller Companies

Technology Author: 亿欧全球 Sep 27, 2023 09:01 AM (GMT+8)

In the world of robotics, the brain behind the brawn is the robotic controller. These sophisticated devices are the control centers that enable robots to perform intricate tasks with precision. These controllers are the heart of robotic systems, orchestrating movements, processing data, and ensuring safe and efficient operations. In this article, EqualOcean will dive into the top 10 players that are shaping the future of robotics through their innovative control solutions.


1. STEP Electric Corporation

STEP Electric Corporation provides motion control solutions, including controllers, drives, and motors, for robotics and automation. Their controllers are integral to the high-performance capabilities of robots used in material handling and assembly.

2. Advantech 

Advantech is a leading provider of industrial automation and control solutions. Their robotic controllers are designed for precision and reliability, making them ideal for applications in smart factories, logistics, and collaborative robotics.

3. Estun Automation 

Estun Automation specializes in motion control technology, offering controllers that are integral to the precision and agility of industrial robots. Their controllers are widely used in welding, material handling, and CNC machining applications.

4. Foshan Top One Power Technology 

Top One Power Technology is known for its high-performance servo drives and controllers. Their controllers play a pivotal role in enhancing the speed and accuracy of robotic movements, making them essential components in modern automation systems.

5. Inovance Technology

Inovance Technology is a key player in the field of robotics, offering advanced controllers and motion control solutions. Their controllers are tailored for a wide range of robotic applications, from pick-and-place tasks to CNC machining.

6. Yaskawa Electric Corporation 

Yaskawa, a global leader in robotics, offers a range of controllers that power their industrial robots. These controllers are designed to deliver precise and consistent performance in various industries, including automotive and electronics manufacturing.

7. Googol Technology 

Googol Technology specializes in motion control solutions for robotics and automation. Their controllers are designed to handle complex tasks, making them suitable for applications in CNC machining, 3D printing, and robotic assembly.

8. Efort Intelligent Equipment 

Efort Intelligent Equipment focuses on intelligent robotic systems and controllers. Their controllers are at the core of collaborative robots used in industries like healthcare, education, and logistics.


NEXCOM offers a range of embedded controllers and industrial computers suitable for robotic control systems. These controllers provide robust computing power and connectivity options for diverse robotic applications.

10. Racer Technology Pte. Ltd.

Racer Technology specializes in control systems for robotic welding applications. Their controllers enable precise and consistent welding processes in industries such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing.