Ftxt Energy Release of China's First Independent ESG Report for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ind

Author: Di Chen Sep 11, 2023 06:11 PM (GMT+8)

On September 1st, Ftxt Energy, a company engaged in the research and development of hydrogen fuel cell productsofficially, released its first independent ESG report. The report's core objective is "Creating Green Sustainable Value" and primarily showcases Ftxt Energy's practices and performance in the ESG field over the past year, focusing on aspects such as low-carbon operations, core technological advancements in the hydrogen sector, and the establishment of a comprehensive


In the realm of green and low-carbon operations, Ftxt Energy adheres to its green vision of "Harnessing Hydrogen for a Return to Natural Driving Forces." The first step in implementing its ESG strategy is to enhance green and low-carbon operations. This involves a multifaceted approach that includes initiatives like paperless offices, advocating for energy-efficient electricity usage, establishing green smart manufacturing, and implementing incentive mechanisms to drive ESG development.

Among others, in the HBIS Group steel logistics transportation project, Ftxt Energy's 49 ton heavy-duty trucks equipped with their fuel cell engines and hydrogen storage systems achieve an average hydrogen consumption of less than 10kg per hundred kilometers when fully loaded in winter. The energy consumption cost per hundred kilometers can be kept within CNY 290, and the carbon reduction effect is significant, with a reduction of approximately 100kg of carbon dioxide emissions per hundred kilometers. These trucks fully meet the application requirements for end customers in short-distance scenarios.

Ftxt Energy's ESG focus primarily centers around the application of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks. They have established a hydrogen smart big data management cloud platform, broken the international monopoly on Proton Exchange Membrane(PEM), and jointly built 100 hydrogen refueling stations to address hydrogen source challenges. From technical, supply, service, application, to financial aspects, they connect the entire hydrogen energy industry chain.

The era of hydrogen energy transformation has arrived, and Ftxt Energy is committed to fostering collaborative development along the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, creating a cluster effect in the hydrogen energy industry.