Guangyu Zhaoneng completed a Series A funding of 120 millions CNY

Technology Author: Violet Chen Aug 31, 2023 04:18 PM (GMT+8)

Jiangsu Guangyu Zhaoneng New Energy Technology Company, Ltd. (“Guangyu Zhaoneng”) recently has announced the completion of 120 million of CNY in Series A funding.


Guangyu Zhaoneng is a comprehensive operator of new energy zero carbon parks, specializing in the investment, construction, and operation of zero carbon parks such as distributed photovoltaic power stations and integrated parking space systems for optical storage and charging. Committed to the investment, construction and operation of distributed photovoltaic power stations and the trade of photovoltaic integrated systems as the core, actively layout investment in cutting-edge industries of new energy, and promote the popularization, socialization, and platformization of new energy applications.

According to Guangyu Zhaoneng, it has rich practical experience in photovoltaic power generation technology services and investment operations. Its main business includes manufacturing downstream components in the photovoltaic industry, investing and operating power stations, and selling integrated system accessories. As of August 2023, the company have invested in and operated over 50 zero carbon parks, owned 70MW distributed photovoltaic power plants, and are currently constructing and reserving over 100 zero carbon parks.

According to China Investment Association, the market size of the zero carbon field will reach nearly 15 trillion by 2050, which contribute 80% of China's cumulative emission reduction to achieve zero carbon emissions. The zero carbon field includes the utilization of renewable resources, energy efficiency improvement, electrification of terminal consumption, zero carbon power generation technology, energy storage, hydrogen energy, and digitization.

More and more enterprises are willing to invest in zero carbon industrial parks, the use of renewable energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaics, and hydropower is currently the most important carbon reduction tool in industrial parks. Among them, companies such as Oriental Energy (东华能源), CNTY (中国天楹), Envision Group (远景科技), CATL (宁德时代), and Lenovo Group in China are already building zero carbon industrial parks or factories.

Yuye Group stated: "The economic and environmental benefits of industrial and commercial electricity are facing new challenges. The business model of Guangyu Zhaoneng can effectively assist enterprises in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, achieving green development, and enhancing brand competitiveness. Guangyu Zhaoneng has established subsidiaries in many places in China and has expanded rapidly in international markets such as Southeast Asia and Europe. Through cooperation, we look forward to jointly promoting China's energy upgrading and transformation and creating a greener and cleaner future.”

This round of financing for Guangyu Zhaoneng was exclusively invested by Yuye (宇业集团), with follow-on investment from Yuto Technology (裕同科技), Solex (松霖科技), Canny Elevator (康力电梯), Meilleure Health (美瑞健康), Ramon (镭目科技) and Zhongjia Capital (中珈资本). This round of funds will mainly be applied to the construction of distributed zero carbon parks, trade in photovoltaic integrated systems, and investment in the new energy industry.